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Autistic Adult Groups and Drop-Ins


Here's a list of our current (Winter 2023-2024) Autistic Adult Drop-ins and Groups.   Please also see the Criteria and Group Agreement at the end of this page.


Drop-in - The Warehouse Cafe, Parliament Street, GL1 1HY

Fortnightly on Mondays 10am - noon.   Upcoming dates are November 20th 2023, December 4th 2023, January 8th 2024, January 22nd

For any queries, please get in touch via our Contact page.


Drop-in - The Schoolhouse Cafe, St Paul's Road, GL50 4EZ

Every Tuesday noon-2pm, last session of 2023 is December 12th, starting again on January 9th 2024

Origami Craft Group - Gas Green Community Centre, Baker Street, GL51 9HQ

Fortnightly on Mondays 11am-1pm.  Upcoming dates 20th November 2023, 4th December 2023 (not continuing in January 2024)

For any queries, please get in touch via our Contact page.


Drop-in - Rosado Lounge, Church Street, GL20 5AB

Fortnightly on Wednesdays noon - 2pm.  Upcoming dates are 22nd November, 6th December, 10th January 2024, 24th January 2024

For any queries, please get in touch via our Contact page.


Drop-in  - CANDI, Market Street, GL14 2RT

Fortnightly on Wednesdays 5pm - 7pm.  Upcoming dates 15th November, 29th November, 13th December 2023, 17th January 2024, 31st January 2024.

For any queries, please get in touch via our Contact page.

Online Groups

  • Reasonable Adjustments In Education or Training - 29th November 2023, 1pm-2.30pm
  • Reasonable Adjustments when accessing services (e.g. health appointments) - 24th January 2024, 1pm-2.30pm
  • Reasonable Adjustments Family and Friends - 21st February 2024, 1pm-2.30pm

To join the above online groups, email info@independencetrust.co.uk and we'll send you a zoom link the day before.

For any queries, please get in touch via our Contact page.

The Drop in Criteria:

  • The Drop In is for autistic adults over the age of 18, adults seeking diagnosis or who are on the waiting list for diagnosis and those who self- identify as autistic.
  • If you need support to attend the Drop In you’re welcome to bring someone along. Following your initial visit, we encourage you to consider coming independently.

The Drop Ins are a diverse safe space for all. With the help of current attendees, we have co-produced a ‘Group Agreement’, see below.

Please note: Due to the nature of the drop ins we are unable to provide reasonable adjustments to support those with a Learning Disability. If you are looking for community support for someone with a Learning disability we would be happy to signpost you. For further information please email us: info@independencetrust.co.uk.

Group Agreement:

To participate in the group’s social activities please read and ensure you adhere to the following:

  1.  Sometimes group situations can become overwhelming, there is space at our Drop Ins to take time out when needed.
  2.  There will be a social activity at every Drop In –participation is optional. You are welcome to watch if you are not able to participate.
  3.  There are subjects that we do not discuss at Drop In, for example sensitive subjects around death, sex, violence, abuse, etc. This is to ensure the Drop In is a safe space for everyone.
  4.  Be friendly and welcoming to new group members. Please be respectful that not everyone will want to participate in conversation straight away.
  5.  Respect other people’s opinions – even when you disagree with something it is important that everyone feels like they have a voice within the group.
  6.  No insulting each other, using excessive swearing or making sexist/racist remarks.
  7.  Be respectful of everyone’s unique experience of Autism – we are all experts on ourselves.

If you are unsure of any part of the agreement please see the CASA worker or lead volunteer at the session, and they will be happy to help you interpret anything you’re uncertain of.

For any queries, get in touch via our Contact page.

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