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We provide the following Community Mental Health Support Services - click on the + signs for more information:

Bridge Building

Our Bridge Building Service is a community based programme of approximately six months. The programme focuses on your needs and what you want to achieve. It concentrates on your strengths and explores a range of options and opportunities to support your recovery and social inclusion.

This may include support to access or re-engage in volunteering, further education, faith, cultural and social groups, sport and leisure activities as well as groups in your local community linked to your hobbies and interests.

We will support individuals who are in employment and those wishing to explore opportunities to access part-time or full-time employment.

You will be supported on a one to one basis by one of our Bridge Building team who will encourage you to achieve your goals.  Together you will develop an action plan to support you moving forward. The plan will identify areas of interest and explore opportunities within your local communities. We can work flexibly with you including evenings and weekends

Peer Development (Support)

This service is available for up to 2yrs and the aim is to give you the opportunity to engage in activities to support your recovery, either individually or within a group.

The aim is to encourage you to build on your strengths and aspirations. It enables you to focus on your goals whilst receiving support from your peers and through regular reviews with a member of the team.

We are a peer led service where you are encouraged to share your experience and skills in an environment of mutual support.  This enables the continuing development of the peer services as well as supporting each other and the move toward self-sustaining  support networks within your local community.

Through the opportunities offered, you will have access to a large range of activities that will support you to have increased control over your wellbeing.

You will also be supported to make the transition from peer services into our bridge building service as you work toward independence.



Safe Space

For every individual, safe space can mean different things. It could be a cafe, a library, a drop-in or just somewhere that you feel comfortable.

We have safe spaces spread throughout the county that have been identified by our client group. These have been nominated as places that will treat you with respect and give you a friendly and warm welcome. They are considered to be places that are hospitable and accepting.

A safe space aims to support friendships and the opportunity to socialise with others.

A-Z Activity Programme

Our prospectus of activities runs three times per year and is designed co-productively with our clients. This means working together to produce the best possible range of activities to meet the needs of the client group.

Any client within the service can access any of the activities by registering during the registration week and making payment if required. Some of our courses will have a fee while others are free but this will be stated in the prospectus. You can also access activities in any locality in the county where they are run, not just in your own locality. Some of our activities are also open to the general public who can register during the registration period.

The A-Z follows Recovery College Principles (see section on frequently used words/phrases).

Activities in the A-Z are aimed at supporting social inclusion, reducing isolation and bringing groups of individuals together to recognise, use and develop skills.

To see the prospectus and sign up click here.