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We are suspending our Drop-Ins and Group services from Monday 23rd March following the government's guidance on social-distancing. Clients can still call us for support.  Key workers & our peer team will keep in touch with people by phone, text or email - https://www.independencetrust.co.uk/news/item/coronavirus-0 

We have also been advised to stop face to face meetings with our clients as of Monday 23/03/2020 until further notice.  We will be offering support to all our clients via telephone, text and email.  

Please note we are still accepting referrals. 

Our contact telephone number is 01452 317460

Gas Green Friday Lunch Club is Currently Suspended


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Group Equine Psychotherapy Sessions


Are you interested in Group Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) ? Do you experience anxiety and depression, and live in Gloucestershire? 

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the Thriving Communities Grant from Gloucestershire County Council, in partnership with HHPDA, to provide GROUP EAP. The aim of the Project is to help reduce social isolation and loneliness and to create a network of Peer Groups for ongoing support around mental health and wellbeing.

Please email HHPDA (info@hhpda.co.uk) or Independence Trust (emma.royer@independencetrust.co.uk) to discuss eligibility criteria.

The Tesco store in Cam display art work from local community groups and schools and are currently displaying some work in the store from Claire a client from Dursley . Claire one of the artists, went down to the store to see the pictures being displayed, Claire said she was thrilled with being part of it.





An exhibition was held at The Museum in the Park 17th to 20th May, this exhibition was on the theme of Mental Ill Health and Medication and this was in conjunction with Mental Health Awareness Week 2018. 


Over 25 artists took part, most of which have experienced mental ill health themselves, all participants are supported by Independence Trust Stroud, and Surrounding areas. 


The works which took the form of Photograms, Artists Books, Art Works and Sculptures made a powerful statement of both the negative and positives effects of medication, stories were shared through the worksand this moved people, which then got them talking, this was the main aim of the exhibition which was totackle the stigmas associated with Mental Ill Health and medication. 


Quote from Museum in the Park 

‘We were honoured to show this moving, powerful and thought provoking exhibition here at The Museum in the Park and believe all the Artists should be very proud of what they achieved. The Museum is for everyone, and everyone knows someone whose life has been affected by mental health challenges even if they are lucky enough not to have experienced mental ill health themselves. The artwork made people think, ask questions, share stories, understand other people and their struggles a little more – thank you Independence Trust Stroud and all the Artists for organising  this incredible exhibition.’ 

Abigail Large  

Events & Exhibitions Officer  

The Museum in the Park  


Councillor Camilla Hale 

‘This Exhibition is a Triumph and speaks to all of us. I hope it goes to many places. Excellent  

work and thanks for your honesty’. 


 J K Global Peace Party 

‘I have found this exhibition as moving and inspiring as any exhibition I have been to’.